I’ve kept this list short to emphasise the greatness of these entrepreneurs and shown you what you need to follow them for.


These entrepreneurs put out huge amounts of helpful content that will help you on your path to being an entrepreneur. They take risks, challenge the status quo and make the world a better place.

If you want to learn from other mistakes and benefit from their wisdom this is a great place to start. These guys have you covered for your best content out there.


These guys will keep you covered, they are gurus because they will show you how to emulate their success. All of them offer plenty of resources on how to follow their steps to implement your own ideas. Subscribe to them for a great boost of motivation, read their books for in depth exploration but at least check out their sites and see if you learn something.


Thoughtful Marketing

seth godin

Seth Godin – marketing genuis extraordinary  I first heard about his book Purple Cow while studying my marketing degree and have heard many great things since. I’m subscribed to his blog which he posts on every single day and I love getting his emails with a bite piece to read and help me refocus on what’s important in business.


Why? – Seth will give you the ethical spin you need on marketing that will help you balance what’s good for your product with what’s good for the customer. His way of showing you the way outside of your own tricks and agendas helps you keep in mind that the only sustainable long term strategy of any business is to have a good product and do a good job with it.


Follow his: Daily blog by subscribing to his email list for a marketing thought of the day. Many times I’ve been glad to receive his posts as it was just what I needed to hear, or what I was thinking about at the time.

One book: Purple Cow


Lifestyle Design

tim ferriss

Tim Ferris – the philosophy of less is more, especially when it comes to work. Tim wrote the 4 hour Work Week which specifies incredible steps which allow you to spend far less time working and more time doing amazing things that you want to do. His blog has a lot of amazing resources and posts like… this one and … this one.


Follow his: Blog which has so many good resources for you to implement right away

One book: Four hour work week


Personal Finance

ramit sethi

Ramit Sethi – a personal finance guru who gives away 98% of his material for free? He masters the simple art of sharing his knowledge in easy ways and helps you manage your income in order to get the most out of it while doing away with finance tricks which cause you more effort than they’re worth. He runs online courses but his free ebooks and emails will give you plenty to get started. I found this one particularly helpful..

Follow his: collaborations with GA, they’re filled with modern pictures and diagrams to help you get the most from it

One book: I will Teach you to be rich


Digital Marketing

neil patel


Neil Patel – Neil Patel has some major claims to fame including being a New York Times best selling author as well as endorsed by Wall Street Journal and Forbes. He is a marketing genius who runs in the circle, free webinars and who can offer a wealth of advice and tools on his website and blog which you can sign up for entrepreneurial tips.


In my opinion Neil is a little too spammy and click bait oriented but he runs on the same track as those above and boasts a lot of success. If agressive marketing is your cup of tea this is the place to go to learn all about how to get free traffic and the tools and tricks of digital marketing. All the above offer good courses to learn your way to their areas that’s why they are gurus. Because you can learn a lot off of them.


Innovative Thinking / Philanthropy

bill gates

Bill Gates – If like me you have a respect for the earliest entreprenuers in technology to hit it massive then you can’t go past the blog of Bill Gates which gives a peek inside the topics and personal interests of one of the men to shape the face of technology this decade. He posts books reviews as well as humanitarian work that he does, as well as his annual letter and details on his philanthropy.


Follow his: Blog for notes and insights into the mind of one of the creators of the digital age


I am personally on all their newsletter lists, on their blogs and websites constantly. They’re popular becuase they post amazing content and delivery every time. Don’t be afraid to get too invovled with their online presence, some of it might rub off 😉