Thriving in the digital age means being able to connect with people from all over the world by following their daily lives without ever leaving your phone screen. Yet for many years now we have suffered silently as Aussie babes take a back seat on world wide style authority, are the last to be thought of and get designers up to a season later. Well no more.


We complied this list of awesome Instagram accounts to follow for all things black, white and minimal. The best part? Many of them are in your very own city. Our list covers a broad range of women including stylists, photographers to fashion bloggers who we truly appreciate seeing in our feed each time.

Lovers of monochrome, minimalism and fashion – go follow and get some black and white in your life. Without further ado; the 50 Best Minimal & Monochrome Instagram Accounts to Follow – the Australian Edition.

Melbourne, our home and base, is the natural cradle of all-black outfits, with it’s grey days and variable weather black is what works for every situation. And as a chic city of black wearers, we band together to brazenly wear as much black as possible in every situation and listed below are the very best of the Instagram accounts that capture this bold spirit.




Enjoy the visual creations of street style fashion photographer and her quiet moments in which she showcases stunning designer pieces with thought-through simplicity and style




We love every single image Molly posts! She’s an aesthetic genius. Jewelry, bags, beaches yes please!


Loree Bloom

We’ve never had so much flat lay and makeup envy, ever



She posts monochrome with a little colour here and there which fits into her feed like magic as she’s such a versatile blogger


A departure from purely black and white, we love having Melanie on our feed because of her totally enviable pictures of travel, luxury and incredible food



Check her out for stunning street styled looks that give you monochrome inspo goosebumps




Modern woman, minimal life. Love her for the effortless transitions from light and girly looks to cool girl black.



Her names says it all. Full of black and white clothes, and plenty of plant love



As a minimalist fashion blogger, she’s doing everything right. Chloe’s feed is packed with goodness which is simple, minimal, monochrome and easily one of our favourite accounts




Get ready for desk inspo on the regular, mixed with travel and incredible fashion



Pulls of monochrome fashion with ease and style with the events and lifestyle to match



Gorgeous style and super elegance, in love with her rustic looking filter which gives off an authentic vintage vibe



Coming at you from a gorgeous little bedroom in Melbourne, Josie has definitely earned her place on this list with a decidedly monochrome wardrobe



Give Me That Thing
An incredibly beautiful curated account mixed with a personal style diary of two Melbourne girls




Fei’s account reminds us of what fashion used to be before the digital age, in all it’s raw and authentic glory. So much style and so much attitude.



Because I Needed It is a personal favourite because of Jacquie’s original flair and the way she lets her personality come through the posts. It’s a little bit different from everything else out there and that slant is what makes you form a personal connection with her photos. Stunning street fashion, flatlays and wardrobe posts, plenty of flowers which always is an additional bonus.


You cannot top Molly’s account for sleek, crisp and clean monochrome, her photos are consistently excellent and embody the power and structure of fashion.

The girls at lion lion Bazaar are best friends post a wide range of different style, makeup and accessory shots to keep you up to date with inspiration.

Sums it up best herself  ‘like most Melbournians, I am partial to monochromatic attire’ and we love her for it.

Major babe alert, Kristy’s photos always impress and leave us with outfit envy every time.



Clean, simple and airy, we’ve loved this account for a long time running now. It’s hard to stop scrolling through her posts.

Although technically already on this list, Teresa’s solo account is also worth following for it’s stunning clarity and it’s unique angle from her joint account

Moving a little north from our comfy southern coast line, Sydney goers are also not a bad crowd. They’ve got the whole monochrome thing down and look fabulous while doing it. As the largest city in Australia we’re glad there’s a solid batch of good eggs, doing our fashionable black nation proud.

One of the cool girls, Shauna shows off the a distinctly high fashion monochrome life

Shows off classic Sydney with an urban lifestyle. The little illustrations added to her pictures make her instantly recognizable and are just so cool

She’s a foodie too but plenty of awesome black and white outfits to be seen

Lives an awesome, stylish life and makes no apologies

While normally too much colour for us, Jasmin pulls off a seamless swatch of rotating colours with stunningly unbelievable lifestyle  

Carissa offers an awesome mix of insanely cool flatlays, food and style

One of the best monochrome Instagrams out there – structured style and fashion!



Love this account so much for it’s crisp black style, shots of the ocean and shops and paying attention to the little details



Rachel hits black and white one the head with TONNES of cute outfits and yes, this is her actual wardrobe.

Possibly our favorite account on this whole list, if you haven’t already you simply must follow Natalie! Her photos are always 100% quality and so luxurious, makes such a great addition to our day.



Stunning, clean and glorious, follow for Sydney-sider monochrome at it’s finest

High quality resolution photos always go along way for us, these images from Talisa look more like a lookbook than a social media account and are a highly valued part of our feed

Can’t go past this account for consistently awesome content, and the fact that you can actually buy some of the products to help make your life more minimal

Get daily outfits, accessories and lots of pretty coffee all with lots of pretty interiors along the way



Travel, fitness and outfits all with beautiful bohemian spirit in Sydney streets and black and white



We love monochrome, obviously, but what’s better than monochrome than having a little glitter and Parisienne flair thrown in? Yes please. Thanks for the inspiration, Andrea!

As the northern states aren’t the most monochrome accepting place to be (mostly due to year-round perfect weather and other such silliness), the Instagrams in this section of our list get extra applause for sticking to their guns and their (virtual) community in the face of local adversity.

We’re so glad to include Nora who is doing monochrome fashion proud up there in what we know to be a non-conforming monochromatic city and also for being committed to the aesthetic in spite of persistent humidity. Chic and stunning.



 Simple and contemporary. While a diversion from strictly limited black and white but when she does it, damn is she good

A great fusion of minimalism, health foods and monochrome living. With a background in photography Rachel has a keen eye for detail.


It was hard to track down where some of these girls were actually from but after a little click-through investigation we found their true places of residence along the western coast. Although far in body, they are close in spirit and we are proud to have them on our list.





Amazing flatlays all around make up flatlay beauty extra points for featuring some of our favourite books

Want to see an amazingly on the move with a lifestyle with incredible outfits to match – got you covered.

Kiara’s Instagram and blog are brimming with personality, offering a feed full of images which are a delight to see.

Hailing all the way from the western coast of our island, Ashleigh’s account is super fresh with HEAPS of daily style outfits.

Only one Instagram from Adelaide made the cut, so if that’s where you’re from you’d better get hustling and soak up all the goodness this conveniently awesome-packed blogger has to offer.

So much style and an effortlessly chic lifestyle full of fashion and travel, she makes the cut without a doubt.



Why not include the pros? We believe it’s always important to support Australian fashion labels so we’ve rounded up the best Australian designers and content producers on Instagram to wrap up this list, so you can figure out exactly where you’re going to get all you newest black and white wardrobe staples.














Who knew there was so much monochromatic talent and love here in Australia. All those women not in bathing suits? Absurd, right. We want to thank everybody on this list for providing awesome content and giving us boosts of inspiration that make our days much better. Together – we bleach the world of colour.


Thanks for reading, we hope you enjoyed the article and found a few new Instagrams to follow on your carefully curated feeds.



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While our search for the top 50 was rather extensive and deeply deliberated let us know if there’s anyone you think should have made the cut in the comments below.